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Kids Count Too Is Your Guide To Becoming A Licensed Foster Parent In The State Of Ohio

Licensing Requirements

In accordance with the Ohio Administrative Code, the following are some of the basic requirements that must be met in order to be considered to become a licensed foster parent:

  • You must be 21 years of age
  • You can be married, single or co-parents
  • You must provide proof of a stable income to meet household expenses
  • Your home must pass a fire safety inspection
  • You and everyone in your household must have a physical exam.
  • You and everyone over the age of 18 in your household must pass a criminal record check
  • You must have a reliable source and/or method of transportation.

As prohibited by the Multiethnic Placement Act, 42 U.S.C. 1196(b) (1196), as amended (MEPA), agencies may not deny any person the opportunity to become a foster caregiver on the basis of race, color or national origin of the person, or of any foster child or children involved.

The Licensing Process

The first step of the licensing process is the Orientation Meeting. We will discuss the application process, the home study and explain how we work with you as a team throughout the certification process and provide you with a better understanding of the children we serve and the services we provide. This meeting is focused on your questions and our goal is to provide you with the information necessary to make an informed decision about becoming a foster parent.

An Application for Child Placement must be completed, as well as 36 hours of pre-service training to become licensed. These trainings may be completed at our agency or at another facility that offers pre-service trainings such as a county agency.

During the licensing process, our Licensing Specialist will make contact with you to schedule a convenient time to come to your home and conduct the home study and get to know you and your family. A safety audit, fire inspection, references and background checks are just a few of the tasks that need to be completed prior to becoming licensed.

Maintaining Your License

A foster parent certification is valid for two years from the date of licensing. Every two years, foster parents must go through a re certification process. This process entails our Licensing Specialist returning to your home to discuss with you any changes in your home, family, etc. She will ask you about any problems or concerns you may have with the agency as well as any praise or suggestions for improvements that can be made.

After becoming licensed, individuals who are licensed as a Family Foster Home are required to complete 40 hours of continuing training every two years to maintain their license and those who are licensed as Treatment Foster Homes are required to complete 60 hours of continuing training every two years. Foster parents may complete 1/3 of these hours through online trainings or books and/or video trainings. The remainder of continuing training hours must be held in a classroom setting with an instructor present.

Kids Count Too provides 2 hours per month of continuing training. Our agency also provides child care during most of our continuing trainings, as we understand how difficult it may be to find someone to care for foster children during this time. Our training topics are determined based on the needs of our foster parents at the current time and the information that is provided on the foster parent training needs assessment forms, which are completed upon foster parent re-certification every two years. Foster parents may choose to attend outside trainings at other facilities with the approval of the Administrator of Kids Count Too.

Kids Count Too also offers our monthly continuing training sessions to current foster parents via online streaming for those who live farther away and are unable to attend due to travel distance. Please contact the office for more information regarding this program.